A Couple of Survivors

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article about Mr. Chris Koniers and his wife Franny, both breast cancer survivors, who participated in this year’s walk for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Philadelphia.

Last Mother’s Day, Mr. Koniers was just a bystander, supporting his wife as she walked during the annual event. This year, he was a part of the race as a breast cancer survivor himself, walking along side of his wife and thousands of other women fighting for a cure.


A family gathering: Breast-cancer survivors Franny and Chris Koniers (right) are joined by (from left) granddaughter Keira Previti; son Kevin Koniers; Franny's mother, Jean Boothby, also a breast-cancer survivor; daughter Victoria Previti; and granddaughter Danielle Previti.

“Because men don’t follow regular screening practices like women do, the cancer is usually detected at a later stage, and therefore typically will require more treatment,” says Robert A. Somer, M.D., Associate Director of the Breast Program at Cooper Cancer Institute.

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