Congratulations to Our Spirit of Planetree Awardees

Congratulations to this year's Spirit of Planetree Physician Champion and Caregiver of the Year: Michael E. Chansky, M.D., Chief, Emergency Department, and Barbara A. McCarty, Director of Child Life Services. The Spirit of Planetree Awards promote patient and family-centered care by recognizing those who personalize and demystify the health care experience for our patients.

Dr. Thomas Mirsen Discusses Stroke with CBS3 Following Beau Biden Hospitalization

Beau Biden, the Attorney General in Delaware and son of Vice President Joe Biden, suffered a mild stroke Tuesday morning. As part of their coverage, CBS3's medical reporter, Stephanie Stahl, spoke with Thomas Mirsen, M.D., Director of the Stroke Program at Cooper University Hospital, for perspective and additional information about stroke symptoms, treatment and recovery.

Trauma Center Launches Distracted Driving Campaign for National Trauma Awareness Month

Cooper University Hospital’s Level 1 Trauma team is recognizing National Trauma Awareness month with a public service announcement on distracted driving. Dr. Steven Ross, Head of the Division of Trauma at Cooper University Hospital, has recorded a sixty-second audio public service announcement that is being provided to radio stations throughout the region.

Cooper Residents and Fellows Changing the Face of Medicine, Compete in 12th Annual Research Week Poster Contest

Is there a way to improve longevity and quality of life in patients with testicular or prostate cancer? This is just one of the many medical questions that were presented during Cooper University Hospital’s Research week—April 19-23, 2010. Cooper medical students and physicians worked for months identifying cases and studies, creating a better understanding of emerging health trends and new disease management techniques. Over 115 posters were displayed throughout the halls of the hospital and the winners took home more than $4,000 worth of cash prizes.

Shaping the Future of Nursing at Cooper

In June 2009, a team of 74 staff nurses, together with nursing leadership, met to develop a new shared governance model. A shared governance structure empowers nurses to control their practice and to participate in decision-making processes affecting their practice, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Congratulations to Our 2010 Nurse Excellence Award Winners

Every May, the Professional Council of the Department of Patient Care Services recognizes 16 nurses and other members of the healthcare delivery team at Cooper University Hospital for their hard work and dedication. These prestigious, peer-nominated awards honor the work of the recipients, whose leadership and practice promote the delivery of quality healthcare at Cooper. Each award, together with Nurse of the Year, has its own set of criteria for eligibility, including three letters of recommendation from staff within each nominee’s clinical discipline.

Dr. Ginsberg Speaks With CBS3 About Stress Test Denials

Are potentially life-saving nuclear stress tests being denied by major insurance companies? As part of a recent investigation, CBS3's medical reporter, Stephanie Stahl, looked to Fredrick L. Ginsberg, M.D., a cardiologist with the Cooper Heart Institute, for perspective. "Treating cardiologist are in the best position to determine when these stress tests are useful and appropriate," said Dr. Ginsberg.