Patient Safety Sentinel: Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

Sharps Disposal

All syringes with or without needles (even oral), ampules, detached needles, and spikes on IV tubing are all considered sharps.

Medication/Non-Sharps Disposal

  • Empty medication bottles and vials go in regular trash.
  • Some special medications, as indicated on the label, need to be returned to pharmacy, such as albuterol inhalers.

Helpful Hint: No sharps should go in ANY container with a liner or trash bag—the person removing the bag could get hurt.

Protecting our patients is the top priority at Cooper University Health Care. We need 100 percent compliance with all patient safety procedures.

A sentinel is one who stands guard or watch to protect others. We need all employees to be sentinels to protect our patients and keep watch to ensure all patient safety procedures are being strictly followed.

One Team. One Purpose.