Patient Safety Sentinel: Proper Use of Disinfectant Products

This was originally posted on April, 17, 2017. It is being reposted because questions have been raised about the proper use of the various disinfectant products. Please keep this as a reference document.

Below are the most common disinfecting products and their contact times, which have been approved for use at Cooper.  CONTACT TIME is the amount of time the disinfectant needs to stay wet on the surface in order to be effective.

You MUST know the proper Contact Time and use each product appropriately.

Protecting our patients is the top priority at Cooper University Health Care. We need 100 percent compliance with all patient safety procedures.

A sentinel is one who stands guard or watch to protect others. We need all employees to be sentinels to protect our patients and keep watch to ensure all patient safety procedures are being strictly followed.

One Team. One Purpose.