Patient Safety Sentinel: MDRO Transmission-Based Precautions

Transmission-Based Precautions


Patients at Cooper University Health Care with multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) such as, but not limited to, MRSA, ESBL, and C. diff are placed on appropriate precautions depending on the mode of transmission. Patients who have been identified to have any of these organisms must be isolated from the time of its identification through their discharge.

The patient’s isolation status will be included in the EPIC banner. The expectation is for all Cooper health care providers to check the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) for isolation status before encountering the patient. This will reduce the likelihood of transmission of MDROs and other organisms to patients, staff, and visitors.

Example of appropriate isolation:

  • MRSA (Contact Precautions)
  • ESBL (Contact Precautions)
  • C. diff (Enteric Precautions)
  • Flu (Droplet Precautions )
  • TB suspicious or confirmed (Airborne Precautions)

If you have question about a patient isolation status, please call Infection Prevention office at 856.342.2254.

Submitted by Infection Prevention Department

Protecting our patients is the top priority at Cooper University Health Care. We need 100 percent compliance with all patient safety procedures.

A sentinel is one who stands guard or watch to protect others. We need all employees to be sentinels to protect our patients and keep watch to ensure all patient safety procedures are being strictly followed.

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