New Strategic Plan

Dear Cooper Team:

The health care industry nationally, as well as in our local market, continues to change at a rapid pace. Accordingly, we have made a number of organizational changes to meet the new challenges we face and position ourselves for continued growth.

Additionally, we are building a multi-year strategic plan to update our original plan, developed in 2012, which focused heavily on growth and service excellence. We surpassed our growth goals from the 2012 plan, but have achieved mixed results on our service excellence targets. The new plan will validate our key strategies, guide our work, and drive the continued success of the organization through 2021. Every employee, nurse, and physician at Cooper will have a role in helping us realize the goals of the new strategic plan and in contributing to our overall organizational performance.

One of our main goals is to refocus our efforts to become the best place to be a patient, the best place to be an employee, and the best place to practice medicine. To that end, we have developed an aggressive communication plan and process to inform and provide a clear link to how all employees, nurses, and physicians will contribute to achieving our strategic goals in the new multi-year strategic plan. Here is how we will be rolling out the strategic plan:

  • Board Approval – The strategic plan will be presented to the Board of Trustees for their input and approval at a Board education session on May 22, 2018
  • Senior Leader Communication – The strategic plan will be shared with the organizational senior leadership (Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Chiefs/Chairman and Institute Medical Directors) on May 30, 2018
  • Management Communication – The strategic plan will be shared with the organizational management at the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) on June 28, 2018
  • Staff and Physician Communication – The strategic plan will be shared with all the Cooper employees and physicians via a series of Town Hall meetings held in July, August and September. We will be increasing the number of Town Hall meetings and will be asking managers to schedule their team members so that the entire Cooper team has the opportunity to hear about the strategic plan. We will also have a video version available.

This is an exciting and important time for Cooper. Encouraged by the great success in the past few years, we look forward to sharing the new strategic plan with you and hearing your perspective as we validate our strategic position and to set our future direction. We continue to be guided by our rallying cry – One Team, One Purpose!

Thank you,

Adrienne Kirby, PhD, FACHE, Executive Chair and CEO, Cooper University Health Care
Anthony Mazzarelli, MD, Co-President
Kevin O’Dowd, JD, Co-President