Got Your Back

Cooper, as a member of the New Jersey High Reliability Organization (HRO) collaborative, also known as New Jersey S.T.R.O.N.G., presents the sixth safety behavior, “Got Your Back.”

This safety behavior helps us to catch errors and mistakes while at the same time building a greater sense of accountability. It’s all about helping others do the right thing and expecting that they will help us to do the right thing, too. We do this to help each other perform at our individual best and to help the team to reach higher levels of performance.

One error prevention tool from this safety behavior is Cross Check. Cross Checking means that we look out for one another and are not afraid to ask questions if we think someone has made an error. When we are working together, we should be looking out for our fellow team members.

Offer to check the work of others during situations like those below:

  • Calculating medication dosages.
  • Proofreading an email.

Demonstrate a willingness to be checked by saying “Thanks for the crosscheck!” We are all better working together!

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