Cooper Won Him Over!

Berwyn Rodgers, Respiratory Therapist

Berwyn Rodgers started his relationship with Cooper University Health Care through an employment agency and agreed to a 13-week assignment with Cooper’s Respiratory Therapy Department. He said this was the hardest assignment that he ever had. The work was hard and the schedule was packed. He thought that when the assignment ended, he would tell the agency that he wouldn’t be going back. Somewhere in those 13 weeks, he came to realize and appreciate the talent and caring qualities of the respiratory team and the nursing staff he was working with. Everyone pulled together, and they were there to help you if you needed it. The camaraderie was heartwarming. He decided to sign up for another assignment, which soon led him to come onboard with Cooper as a PRN employee.

To the respiratory team and nurses, thank you for providing such a welcoming experience for this colleague!

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