The Doctor and the Professor—Prescriptions for Ultimate Health and Life-Long Wellness in three parts: Diet, A.M. Workouts and Cold Exposures  

By: Dr. Michel Sabia and Mark A. Tambone
The pandemic, and more importantly, surviving one, has led many people to reflect and decide on courses of action that will positively impact their lives in ways never considered before experiencing mass pain and suffering.  Time and health have once again proved to be two enduring topics in need of our constant attention and reflection. Survival is paramount— yes! But almost as crucial is how. How do we live now? And how do we sustain ultimate health and life-long wellness? These questions are vital. Why? Easy. We owe ourselves. We owe ourselves optimal health—now and until the end.

Part I: Diet

Dr. Michael Sabia is a true healer.  Dr. Sabia’s title as Division Head of Pain Management in the Department of Anesthesiology At Cooper Hospital, Camden, (he also teaches at the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University and has literally written the book on Interventional Pain Procedures and Urogenital Pain), does not tell his entire unique story. He has other compelling interests he pursues and invests time in besides his cases.  One of his passions is how to achieve ultimate health and wellness in ways that are obtainable and sustainable over time. Specializing in pain has made him keenly adept which diets, movements (or lack of movements) and behaviors break down the body and cause debilitating pain over a life. Understanding these factors, he spends hours of his free time ingesting the latest innovative material so he may implement his ideas into workable routines and tips for the betterment of himself and others. Here are some targeted insights:

“Let’s start with breakfast,” Dr. Sabia proclaims “Skip it!”

He is adamant, and goes on to explain what he has learned and his own methodology concerning “The Fed State,” Insulin and Good Gut Bugs.

“Heart Disease and Cancer have held the top two spots for the most common causes of death in the United States over the past few decades. Obesity rates are on the rise with a reckless increase in children. With all the advancements in modern medicine, you must ask why? Why are we so unsuccessful in treating these seemingly preventable diseases? Easy: what we eat— and almost as important— when we eat!”

Hard as it is to believe, Dr. Sabia is suggesting that we have all been misled from a young age. Three distinct, over-sized meals a day consisting of what we label breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus the snacks in-between and sugary drinks to wash it all down is a counterproductive diet plan.

“Humans are not meant to be in the “Fed State” all of the time,” he explains. “This “Fed State” causes a cascade of problems. If we need to release Insulin to lower the constant onslaught of sugar that is blatantly and insidiously in our food supply, then you can expect those chronic high levels of Insulin or sharp swings of Insulin levels, to directly correlate with the irreversible derangement of our metabolism leading to Obesity.”

Therefore, if you eat all of the time (even if you think you’re eating healthy) there’s sugar hidden in most processed food, and our body’s defense to combat this bombardment of sugar is to release Insulin. Stop the war before it begins! And remember: a key marker for optimal metabolic health is a low level of Insulin.

“Eating all the time precludes us from entering “The Rest and Digest Mode” we need to allow our body’s to properly digest the food we eat. Eating less often or within a specific window of the day (a common method is to eat from Noon to 6PM) allows our Gut Bacteria, (Yes, we have bacteria in our bodies that help with digestion, mood and even behavior) to be balanced.”

This sounds easy enough, but everyone must remember to avoid what Dr. Sabia has called the “Science Experiment” foods. These are processed sugary foods that have an everlasting shelf life. Why? Each of these 15-20 ingredient lab-manifested foods feed the “Bad Bugs” in our gut which causes them to amply thereby initiating more and more cravings. “Now, we have become biologically addicted to food we eat.”

As many of us turn to latest trends in eating, exercise and last-resort surgeries, Dr. Sabia presents his solutions with ease and with real-world practicality. “Eat less often along with whole, real food sources.  Stimulate the good bugs! Yes, I sure do look forward to a well-seasoned sockeye salmon salad with cold-pressed organic olive oil, lemon, spices, and pecorino Romano cheese! The micronutrient content, the Omega 3, and the Protein in this meal alone will not stimulate an Insulin spike, or cause cravings, and will surely tastes delicious! Cut out all processed foods, eat within a time restricted window, and eat whole unprocessed foods.  Allow the bad bugs to die off.  Turn this vicious cycle around—make different choices of when and what you eat—right now, today and for the rest of your life!”


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