Cooper Among First in U.S. to Offer New Fenestrated Endografts to Treat Complex A A A

On  August  30, Cooper University Hospital – home to the region’s only dedicated aortic program – became the first in the state to perform  a  complex abdominal aortic aneurysm repair using a fenestrated endograft. Cooper is among the first hospitals in the nation – and the only one in South Jersey – to offer this leading- edge treatment.

“The procedure  went fantastic – even better than textbook,” said Joseph V. Lombardi, MD, Head of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery and Director of the Cooper Aortic Center, just hours after he completed the groundbreaking procedure. “Three months  ago, this patient would have had to undergo an open procedure requiring at least a seven- to-ten day hospital stay with a large incision in his belly and a three-month recovery. With this approach, the patient gets to go home the next day with two small incisions in his groin.” Recently  FDA-approved,   the   Zenith  Fenestrated   A A A Endovascular Graft by Cook Medical offers a minimally invasive treatment  option  for   patients  whose   aneurysm   anatomy  is incompatible with existing devices. This  will enable  treatment of 15  to 20 percent  more  A A A  patients who  previously were

ineligible for traditional endovascular repair.

The fenestrated endograft is the world’s first to incorporate tailored   openings,  or   fenestrations,  in  the   endograft’s   top section. This enables  the  self-expanding, fabric-covered  stent- graft to treat aortic  and aortoiliac  aneurysms  extending close to the  renal  and superior mesenteric arteries,  which are then stented to reduce the risk of restricting or blocking blood f low to the kidneys and bowel. Each fenestrated device is custom-made from a spiral CT-generated 3-D computer model of the patient’s anatomy.   The  fenestrations in  the  stent-graft   are  precisely positioned where the patient’s renal or bowel arteries branch off. “We are very enthusiastic about bringing this new technology

to South  Jersey.  Now  all  patients with A A A’s involving renal arteries have an endovascular option,” Dr. Lombardi adds.

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