1. Avatar Kim Riggleman

    I’m having heart beat issues like afib haa as vent been officially diagnosed but are afraid to go to beach for fear of heartbeat going up to 200 again a as Nd big being able to get off beach in time …

  2. Avatar R.D. Whites

    I’ve had PEs and a saddle embolism before. Upon entering perimenopause, I am hot most of the time. Summer has been brutal. I have noticed severe shortness of breath and my heart racing when I get hot. Once I no longer feel hot, my breathing is not labored, and my heart rate is normal. It is good to know that just being hot can cause these problems.

  3. Avatar Carol Hogue

    I went through menopause and had no symptoms at all until after I was diagnosed that I was completely through it and then I started getting hot flashes really bad I don’t want them for about where I don’t know free years and then for the last several months they had gotten way better but the last few days I’ve been hot constantly and then when I do stuff I get the hot flashes again so I don’t know if the heart rate is causing the hot flashes or the hot flashes or what’s causing my heart to race. Kind of crazy

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