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Point of Care Tool DynaMed Plus & Free App

DynaMed Plus is an easy to use evidence-based resource that provides reliable answers to clinical questions. When you first open DynaMed Plus, there is a simple search box (see screen shot below) that will show predictive results as you type, similar to a Google search. DynaMed Plus is updated daily and has thousands of clinical topics summarized. Editors monitor medical journals, systematic reviews, guidelines, and drug information sources.

Information is displayed in a way that is easy to scan, with quick access to recommended treatment actions. Pages are organized with different categories on the left such as diagnosis, prevention, guidelines, and more. The Overviews & Recommendations section offers a great summary. You can also set up an alert notification when a topic of interest is updated. DynaMed Plus has over twenty specialties available to browse.

The recommendations are based on evidence, specifically the DynaMed Plus proprietary 7 Step EBM Process. It is easy to see the levels of evidenceĀ andĀ guidelines supporting each recommendation. For example, the level of evidence will be hyperlinked in parentheses. There are also direct links to supporting guidelines and journal articles.

DynaMed Plus also has calculators and helpful medical graphs and images, some of which come from the American College of Physicians. One of the best features of DynaMed Plus is the very user-friendly mobile app. Instructions for downloading and installing are available from the library here. The app provides access to all of the DynaMed content on your device, meaning you can access the information without relying on any network!

Give DynaMed Plus a try for your next clinical question. There is a link to DynaMed Plus in Epic, and it is listed under QuickLinks on the library homepage. Contact the library with any questions.


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