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Introducing The Cooper VOICE

Health care is changing rapidly. For hospitals and health systems, it’s becoming more competitive every day. To succeed in our mission to serve, to heal, to educate, we must provide the highest-quality care, the best patient experience, and do it at the lowest possible cost.

All employees must contribute for us to succeed. You have good ideas to make Cooper more efficient. We want to hear them. You always have a voice, but now you have The Cooper VOICE!

The Cooper VOICE is a fun competition where employees come up with innovative ideas to make us more efficient by reducing wasteful spending in our work.  The employee teams that generate the greatest savings  will win the competition and win prizes.

Similar to the TV music competition, The Cooper VOICE will incorporate our senior leadership team (Kevin O’Dowd, Anthony Mazzarelli, and Stephanie Conners) as coaches. Employees will present their ideas for cost savings to the coaches, who will turn their chair to face the employees if they like the idea being presented. If more than one coach turns their chair, the employee gets to choose their coach. The coaches will work with all the employees on their teams to help develop the most overall savings to win the competition.

All cost savings ideas must focus on STUFF (work, facilities, equipment), not STAFF. We know you have great ideas and you like to compete. Now is the time to make your voice heard!

Read more details about The Cooper VOICE Competition on the front page of the Employee Portal. Every AVP, VP, and ED is required to work with their staff to bring forth two cost saving ideas. Your idea might be the best. Fill out the form on the Employee Portal and present it to your boss.

What are you waiting for? The competition starts now! The deadline for submission of ideas is on September 16, 2016.  The Idea Audition Day is on September 29, 2016.

Please send any questions that you or your staff have to You will receive an answer in one business day.

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