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Physician CME/Travel Stipend

In addition to your $3500,oo stipend, following additional benefits for our faculty are paid but do not draw down from your $3500.00 Stipend:

  • All fees regarding State Licensure in the State of New Jersey, and renewal fees.
  • All fees regarding initial application for CDS, DEA and renewal fees.
  • All fees for annual appointment to the Medical Staff of Cooper and Hospitals faculty are required to work
  • All fees for certification by the specialty board of the faculty member, and an initial (one) board review course for that initial exam (subsequent material for board review must come out of the stipend).
  • All fees related to continued certification in the faculty member’s specialty, including
    • Recertification exams and one preparation course.
    • Membership in ONE Specialty specific society/journal annually.
    • For faculty who fail their initial certification exam or a recertification exam, the $3500 stipend should be utilized toward the one goal of board certification, via board review courses

      Additional Considerations:

      • If a physician presents at a conference the physician will be reimbursed for the conference fees and travel expenses when a manuscript adapted from that presentation is submitted for publication to a peer reviewed journal (it does not need to be accepted). The physician must be first or last author on the manuscript. These expenses will not come out of the $3500.
      • Any and all anticipated expenses over and above $3500 must be preapproved by the Chief/Chair/Institute Leader. For instance, international travel or any unusual travel expenses that bring the total above $3500 would require approval.Not all faculty will receive a mobile phone allowance. Faculty who are approved by the Chief/Chair/Service Line Leaders may be eligible for current Cooper policy for mobile phone reimbursement.

Please feel free to talk with your Department Chair for further clarification


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