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Zero Foot-Print Viewer Go-Live

Testing of the ZFP (Zero Foot-Print) Viewer has been completed and it is ready to enabled in the production environment.  As was recently communicated, the ZFP viewer was the originally planned go-live product.  Again, with any new technology, we will have to learn to navigate this new viewer but fortunately, the learning curve is not steep.

To minimize the impact of this transition, we will continue to have access to the Universal Viewer (UV).  Starting 1/4/17 at 6am – radiology reports in Epic will display multiple hyperlinks that will allows us to access both the ZFP Viewer or UV.  Specifically, you will see 3 hyperlinks under the following sections (see screenshot below):

  1. Study Specific Images – ZFP
  2. All Patient Images – ZFP
  3. All Patient Images – UV

Training Material / Tutorials:

  • Training Video


  • TipsheetPlease click on the link to access the tip sheet which outlines the Toolbar Buttons and the Keyboard Shortcuts –  ZFP Tip Sheet


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