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Imprivata Cortext Secure Texting

Imprivata Cortext

Over the past year, we have embarked on an exciting journey of implementing Imprivata Cortext Secure Texting.  The Secure Texting app allows us to communicate efficiently and expeditiously with one another while at the same time allows us to remain compliant with HIPAA.  Currently, we are in the midst of our Secure Texting pilot for practitioner to practitioner communication.  While not mandatory at this point in time, we strongly encourage you to download, install and utilize this app to become acclimated to secure texting.  Additionally, you will help us work out all of the bugs PRIOR to deploying to nursing and other staff in the hospital.  In the near future (date to be determined), secure texting will be rolled out institution wide.  The intent is to eventually replace our current pagers with secure texting.  At this point, secure texting is not mandatory but will be in the future once we complete institution wide rollout (timelines will be sent out separately).  However, if you wish to text PHI or send images, it is a HIPAA compliant option.  Please note that regular text messaging is NOT HIPAA compliant and is a violation of Federal Law.

Why the move to an app?

During the process of selecting a vendor, our focus groups determined that residents would prefer to carry less devices.  Therefore, the secure texting platform is an application or “app” that you can download to any Apple iOS device (preferably iOS 9 or later) or Android Device.  Blackberry running Android works too.  You can download it to your smartphone if you do not wish to carry an additional device. 

What if I don’t have a device compatible with Imprivata Cortext Secure Texting?

Imprivata Cortext Secure Texting is compatible with the following:

1.       Any Apple iOS device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) from the last few years will work with cortext (iOS 9 or above highly recommend for compatibility).

2.       Android based devices

Not compatible with Windows Mobile or Blackberry OS.

WiFi access seems to be sporadic in the hospital.  I get better WiFi access at grocery store.  What is Cooper doing about this?  

Not only is the WiFi being upgraded, but the guest network has been modified that even if you are no longer “authenticated” or “logged in”, secure texting will continue to work.   In a dead spot?  Doesn’t matter because secure texting will hold the messages in a “queue” and will deliver the messages to your device once an internet connection is established.  Using Cooper’s guest WiFi also does not count against your cell phone’s data plan.

Of course, all of this is why we are still in the testing / pilot stages.  Please download and utilize the app and assist us with testing.  Also, please note that we will not remove pagers until we are confident that the workflows and technology work for patient care and improve the daily work of residents and attendings.     

I’m super excited and want to start using this app!  Where do I begin?

The secure texting app is called Imprivata Cortext

The easiest way to install the app is to go to: on your mobile device.  Click Existing User, download and install the app.

Your username is your full email address.  Password is your cooper password

Once logged in to Cortext, click on Directory and select the person that you want to send a secure message to.


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