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Patient Experience Workshops

Patient Experience Workshops
Creating a superb patient experience is vital to the ongoing success of Cooper University Health Care. Patient experience scores are growing in importance for how we are compensated and how Cooper is publicly rated for consumers.


As physicians and Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), we play a significant role in how our patients experience care at Cooper. Gaining insights into what drives a better health care experience will help each of us improve our interactions with our patients.


Accordingly, the Physician Champion Team will be offering quarterly workshops to provide you with insights to help you sharpen your patient interaction skills. We have developed effective workshops with our partners, the Studer Group, to help you:


·        Better understand the Cooper Experience we are trying to create

·        Sharpen your AIDET skills to improve communication with patients

·        Obtain coaching through role playing exercises from patient experience champions


The workshops will have learning for all physicians and APPs who want to improve their patient skills and scores. Join us at one of the following four workshops:


Thursday March 16th: 1pm-3pm

Pavilion 1014


Thursday June 15th: 1pm-3pm

Pavilion 1004


Thursday Sept 21st: 6:30pm-8:30 pm

Pavilion 1006


Thursday November 16th:  7am – 9 am

Pavilion 1005


Please register as soon as possible by emailing


Thank you for your commitment to Cooper and our patients and their families.


Tara Cassidy-Smith, MD

Mark Angelo, MD

Adam Holzberg, DO

Steve Trzeciak, MD

Eileen Campbell, APN

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