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Interacting with Surveyors

Today we “PinPoint”: Interacting with Surveyors

Are you ready for a Regulatory Survey?

The key to a successful survey is YOU!  Be prepared to answer questions and to demonstrate through practice that you follow the policies and procedures of Cooper University Health Care.


Own Your Area.

You are empowered to make the difference in your work area.


First Impressions Count.

·         Look sharp

·         Is your area ready for our guests?

·         Welcome the team

·         Use your patient relations skills to the fullest

·         Exhibit pride in your department/organization

·         Maintain eye contact


Tips For Talking with Surveyors.

·         The most important advice is to answer only the question you are asked.

·         Expect standard related questions involving patient safety, environmental safety, staffing—quantity and competency, performance improvement, patient rights and infection control.

·         Think carefully before answering the question and take time to consider what the surveyor is looking for.  Ask the surveyor to repeat or restate the question if you don’t understand.

·         Be honest.  If you don’t know the answer, DON’T GUESS!  Tell the surveyor how you can get the answer.  In most cases you can ask your manager.

·         Watch your use of words such as “usually”, “supposed to”, and “sometimes” which lead the surveyors to question why we do not consistently follow our procedures.

·         Present material succinctly and clearly.  Give specific examples.  Don’t make excuses or be defensive.

·         Know how to quickly find documentation to support your response.

·         Emphasize teamwork! Don’t allow one person to do all the talking.  Do not contradict in front of each other.

·         Respect the time constraints of the surveyor.  Be prepared to hit the highlights.

·         Ask the surveyor his/her opinion or for suggestions.  They have visited many organizations and have seen a lot.


DO NOT PROVIDE ANY DOCUMENTATION (Policies, Procedures, Guidelines etc) to surveyors.




June 5, 2017

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