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Medical Practices Update from Kim Bass, VP of Ambulatory Operations

Medical Practices Updates:

It’s an exciting time to be in Ambulatory Operations at Cooper.    We continue to intensify our focus to improve the experience of our patients.   Our priorities in 2017 are holding our leaders and staff accountable for achieving desired results and standardizing the manner in our delivery of care.   Our key performance indicators for improving patient experience are:

  • Improving patient access domain for CG CAHPS from 30th to 40th percentile
  • Increase in returning patient phone calls same day from 56% to 75%
  • Improve office staff quality domain for CG CAHPS from 40th to 50th percentile
  • Improve physician communication domain for CG CAHPS from 53rd to 60th percentile

We have improved in all four key performance indicators as follows:


We would like to celebrate Allison Sharp, Manager at our Cherry Hill Bone and Joint office for getting to top decile performance in the CG CAHPS Access domain for Q1 2017.

We attribute our success to the following action steps:

  • Development of the Ambulatory Operations Standardization Team.  This team meets bi-weekly and includes provider, institute and ambulatory operations team members.  Primary objectives of team are to prioritize, develop and implement standard operating procedures
  • Senior leader rounding with Kim Bass and Dr. Michael Goodman.  We have scheduled visits to medical practices until year end.
  • Weekly patient experience accountability meetings that are mandatory for all managers, directors.  Best practices and opportunities are shared.  QGAPS are reviewed and coached.
  • No exceptions to use of monthly meeting model agenda for 1:1 leader meetings to review progress to goals, action plans and professional development
  • Establish master template team to assist with changes to provider schedules and reschedule of patients in a timely fashion
  • Validation of closed phone encounters and holding staff accountable for review of voicemail at least every two hours
  • Ongoing assessment of staff competency with AIDET

We are relentless in our use of the word “accountability” in using the tools we know work and ensuring we are hardwiring desired behavior.  We want to sustain the improvement we have achieved so far this year and know that consistency is the key.

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