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Standards of the Month

June – Managing up others: Take a moment to speak well of those around you.  Providers can manage up other providers, nurses, departments, etc.  This helps to instill a high level of confidence in the organization while focusing on the coordinated efforts of your colleagues. 

Example: Today, I understand that you saw Dr. X.  She is a very bright surgeon and exceptionally good at what she does.  I know you will have a good experience with her care.


July – Focusing on the role.  As providers, we all have good days, bad days and everything in between.  When we stand in front of our patients we are their provider, and that is the role we must take on.  Try to avoid negative comments or placing the focus on you (or your bad day, etc).  The role of the clinician is to deliver exceptional care while making a strong connection with the patient.  That role also includes focusing on the issues that are important to the patient and their family. 


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