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Colleagues – Recently, you were sent an email about the upcoming Phone Conversion.   This email included detailed information about the new mandatory phone number prefix dialing and also included a PPT that gives you background information about the phone conversion.

The link to the ppt is

If you review this ppt in its entirety, you will be well prepared for the phone conversion.

As a backup, we strongly recommend that all providers download and install the following on your mobile devices:


  1. Cortext Secure Texting – This will allow for secure communication via wifi or the cellular network
  2. To install, go to: on your mobile device.  Click Existing User, download and install the app.
  3. Your username is your full email address…  Password is your Cooper email password.
  4. Once logged in to Cortext, click on Directory and select the person that you want to send a secure message to.


  1. Amion Mobile App – This application will allow you to access amion on your mobile phone via wifi or cellular.  Instructions to download are located here:
  2. Password for Cooper is:  cuhatt


A summary of the phone conversion changes is below:


Effective September 15th – starting at 10pm:


The phone conversion process is slated to take several hours overnight starting September 15th – 10pm.  Until the phone conversion process is completed, you will need to follow the below steps temporarily:


  1. First, attempt to dial the extension in its current format without the prefix.  In other words, dial the 4 digit or 5 digit extension without the prefix.  If the call doesn’t not go through, goto Step 2:
  2. Dial the extension utilizing the prefix code instructions below:

Prefix Dialing Instructions:


Instead of just dialing the 4 digit or 5 digit extension, you will now have to utilize a prefix code + the 4 or 5 digit extension. In other words, you will now need to dial a total of 7 digits to reach an internal extension. Pager system (614) and other speed-dial codes (666, 655, 644) will remain the same.

Example: Reaching Hospitalist MAH Cisco (x8747), Neurology Consults Cisco (x81620) and Medicine Consults via Pager (pager: 1960)

Prior to Sept 15th Phone Conversion: Dial 8747, 81620 and 614-1960 respectively.

After Sept 15th Phone Conversion: Dial 100-8747, 10-81620 and 614-1960 respectively.

Important caveats to remember:


  1. If the extension is 4 digits, your prefix code will need to be 3 digits.  Eg:  x8797 becomes x100-8797.  Remember, the total number of digits must be equal to 7.
  2. If the extension is 5 digits, your prefix code will need to be 2 digits.  Ex:  x81620 becomes x10-81620.  Remember the total number of digits must be equal to 7.
  3. If dialing an external number, you must dial 9,1,(xxx)xxx-xxxx.
  4. Please note that the phone conversion does not change the ability to directly dial a number from an external phone.  In other words, not all Cooper phone extensions can be dialed directly from an external phone.
  5. Speed dial codes will continue to function.  The speed dial codes are 614, 644, 655, 666.
  6. You can reach 911 by either dialing 911 or 9,911

Internal prefixes for Cooper buildings (sites) for 4 digit extensions:

100 – Hospital (One Cooper) and Sheridan Pavilion (Three Cooper)
101 – Inpatient Rooms at One Cooper
102 – MD Anderson Cooper (Two Cooper)
110 – CCBO
120 – Non Campus (Ambulatory locations)

Internal prefix for all 5 digits extensions will be 10.  In other words, 10+xxxxx

A  Phone Extension Conversion Tool will be available on the Employee Portal to give you the ability to put in an old extension and display the new extension for all phones.

A Phone Issue tracker tool will be available on the Employee Portal to submit issues online during the cutover.

An IT Command Center will be open from 9 p.m. on the night of September 15, 2017. The phone number for this will be  856-298-4180.  IMT will also be supporting this effort.

Once the conversion process is completed, an email will be sent out.

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