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Clostridium Difficile Ordering / Rapid Flu – Flu PCR Ordering

Clostridium Difficile Screening:

 We have streamlined Cdiff ordering by pairing up the order with Enteric Precautions.  This eliminates clicks and will allow you to place two orders (Cdiff and enteric precautions) simultaneously. 

We have also added decision support to the Cdiff order.  Please read the instructions carefully PRIOR to placing an order for Cdiff testing.

Rapid Flu Order (ED only):

The Rapid Flu order will now include the order for the lab test, Contact Precautions / Droplet Precautions, and the Flu PCR order.  The Flu PCR order will be released by the nurse if the patient is admitted and the Rapid Flu is negative.  Nursing will not need to draw an additional specimen but will simply send the transmittal sheet to the lab to be added on to the existing specimen.

 Flu PCR Order (Floors):

When ordering Flu PCR, it will now include the orders for Contact and Droplet Precautions:


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