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OR Status Boards – Now available in Haiku / Canto

Many of you have requested that we make the OR status boards available in Haiku / Canto.  In Epic 2014, this feature was not available and we had to defer to Epic 2017.  The status boards are now available in Haiku / Canto as of today!

Instructions for downloading and installing Haiku / Canto are located on our Blog:  Instructions on how to install Haiku and/or Canto.

To access the OR Status Boards once logged into the app:

  1.  Select the Status Board icon.  Note: In Canto, you may need to first adjust the “Activity Slot” entries in the main settings for the Canto app via the iPad Settings app to display “Status Board” as one of the options first before you can see this icon within Canto.
  2.  Select the folder icon.
  3. Select the Status Board you would like to view.  There are quite a few – you can scroll through to see all available to you.  A good starting board would be CUH Status Board which will show you the cases by room.

There are other features that we are actively working on configuring in Haiku / Canto such as Jot where providers can handwrite themselves a reminder that can be seen later in an Epic sidebar, inpatient ordering etc.  More to come in the near future!


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