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Cooper Physician Leadership Development Program

Cooper Physician Leadership Development Program
Cooper University Health Care is ready to launch the second class of the Cooper Physician Leadership Development Program. With the challenges in today’s healthcare environment to increase the quality of care and simultaneously deal with the challenge of the rise in healthcare costs, it is essential that physicians develop the skills to help lead healthcare organizations. Mo Kasti in his book, “Physician Leadership, the Rx for Healthcare Transformation” shares that organizations that effectively develop their physician leaders have demonstrated better engagement, alignment and better results in health outcomes, patient and employee satisfaction, and overall financial performance.


Since there was such positive feedback from the members of our first class on all of the sessions, Cooper is once again offering this program in partnership with the American Academy for Physician Leadership (AAPL).  This year-long program is intended to provide integral education regarding leadership and business skills to emerging physician leaders within the institution.  The cohort of participants will include 15 physicians who will complete courses in multiple concentrations.  The education content covers a broad range of timely and relevant topics.  Below is the schedule for the 2018 program.


Course Name Date and Time Location CME Credits
Leadership Development within a Culture of Trust April 11, 2018 – 1pm to 9pm (Includes kick off of program) Pavilion Room 1014 5.0
Physician in Management – Leadership May 23, 2018 – 2pm to 9pm Pavilion Room 1014 7.0
Change Management in a Changing World June 20, 2018 – 2pm to 9pm Pavilion Room 1007 7.0
Physician in Management – Communication August 8, 2018 – 2pm to 9pm Pavilion Room 1014 7.0
Principles of Financial Decision Making October 24, 2018 Pavilion Room1014 7.0
Physician in Management – Negotiation November 15, 2018 Pavilion Room 1014 7.0
Physician in Management – Quality January 16, 2019 Pavilion Room 1007 7.0
From Autonomy to Teamwork February 20, 2019 Pavilion Room 1007 7.0



The program participants will meet monthly for didactic and small group sessions.  All participants are required to attend all of the sessions and will be asked to sign a participation commitment agreement as part of the application process. All Chairs and Institute Leaders have agreed to work with moving physician administrative sessions around in order to accommodate the sessions.


Program faculty are selected from top-rated universities including Tulane, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, University of Massachusetts, University of Southern California and the Citadel. Each course is faculty-tailored to address our organization’s specific business direction. Faculty will incorporate actual case studies from Cooper into the curriculum to help address ongoing organizational challenges.


This program is offered as an investment in our emerging physician leaders at no-cost for participation.  All we ask in exchange for this investment is a commitment to remain at Cooper for at least 1 full year following completion of the program.  Educational sessions are seven hours each and will run every six to eight weeks, with a kick off in April 2018.  Upon completion of the program, participants are given 21 core credits toward the AAPL Master’s Program, 54 CME hours, and will receive 27.5 credits towards achievement of a Certified Physician Executive (CPE) certification.


The application process includes:


1.      One letter from the applicant (template attached) that includes why you are interested and why you believe you are a good fit for the program.  Please include your intentions of how you plan to implement this information in your work once the educational process is complete.

2.      One letter of recommendation from your Departmental Chair or Institute Leader.

3.      Signed commitment agreement for the program (attached).

Applications should be emailed or sent to:


Bridget McCormick

Director of Organizational Development and Training

1 Cooper Plaza 10th floor

Roberts Pavilion P1002


Application deadline is January 10, 2018.

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