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Cafeteria News

Currently there are a few areas of focus in the cafeteria that have not been advertised. One is that we are going to open the grill on week-ends from 12-6 pm (as a trial).

Secondly we are in the process of putting together a Focus Group for the Cafeteria. This will include all shifts for timely feedback. This committee will meet quarterly to discuss suggestions/recommendations and general feedback. Additionally, there has been a “Suggestion Box” in the rear of the café as you exit and anyone is welcome to put down their suggestions which we will address and respond to in a timely manner.

We also offer annual retail surveys where we respond to most requests with “We Heard You” stickers as we implement their suggestions. There are numerous options for suggestions/opinions to be heard. Lastly, anyone can contact me directly via email or telephone with their thoughts.

Insofar as night shift soup, we will increase our PAR levels so that we have two soups available each evening.

Vending machines are available through Tri-State Vending adjacent to the rear of the cafeteria next to Cafeteria B.

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