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Faculty Book Club

Dear Cooper Faculty,     Please READ this!!!!!!


Anat Feingold (Pediatrics) and I (Internal Medicine) would like to invite all interested physician faculty to join us in the formation of a faculty “Book Club.”

We hope to gather as a group after all reading pre-selected short pieces of literature and poetry to discuss the thoughts and feelings that the readings elicit in us.  We want to create a time and place to share our reactions to the pieces we read, to our work and to our shared experiences as physicians.

We know that everyone is very busy but hope that this will be meaningful time spent together and allow us to form a community of people interested in reading and sharing their responses and personal feelings about their experiences as physicians inspired by the literature we have read.

We hope to meet twice through the remainder of this academic year with the goal of continuing to meet throughout the year if there is ongoing interest. We will arrange for a space and hors d’oeuvres.


Please RSVP with your intention to join us and provide an email to which we can send the readings and details of location. We are open to any suggestions for the readings and the process, especially if there is a more convenient time to gather.


The first date for our proposed Cooper Faculty Book Club is


Wednesday March 21st, 2018 at 5:30-6:30 pm


If you are interested but cannot make the above date, let us know…..we want everyone interested to come together and can always schedule another time.


Thank you and PLEASE JOIN US:


Lisa Cerceo, MD (


Anat Feingold, MD (

Call 215-431-7773 with any questions

Please put Book Club in the subject line!

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