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Staffing Update

RN Recruitment Focus:

  • Currently running a 90 NURSES IN 90 DAYS CAMPAIGN to hire external RNs.
    • As of today, we have hired 64 RNs through the efforts of this campaign.
    • The campaign is running from February 21 – May 25.
    • The focus of this strategy is to ensure we have outside hires to fill open spots in our growth areas, high turnover areas, and Per Diem positions (for summer staffing).   Especially focused on experienced RNs in Med Surg, ICU, CDU, ED, PACU and Operating Room.
    • The commitment to hiring by the Clinical Directors and ACDs has been key to the success of this program!   Great teamwork.

Critical Hiring Campaign for Environmental Services, Food & Nutrition, and Transport.

  • February 28 Job Fair attracted more than 224 candidates for our entry level jobs.
  • From the event, we hired 43 housekeeping employees on the spot.
  • In addition to these on-the-spot hires, we identified 59 additional candidates –who would be a good fit for our openings –and are eligible for hire when more jobs open up.
  • We created a pool of per diem employees (about 22 people) – who are at-the-ready and cleared to work, to fill any new Full Time and Part time openings.
  • It doesn’t stop there.   We hold weekly regular interview days are in place for these areas, as well, to continue adding to the pipeline.

Workforce Retention Strategy.

  • We also know a solid staffing plan includes, ensuring that we keep the people we hire into these key positions across Cooper.
  • There are teams currently working on Retention strategies for key areas, due to expected growth, high turnover, or market competitiveness.
  • More information about the work of these teams will be shared throughout the year.

Employee Requisition and PMC Process.

  • A work team has just been established to streamline the employee requisitioning process – to ensure an efficient process to approve, post, attract, and hire replacement and new positions at Cooper.
  • This work team is being led by the Operational Excellence team as a Workout. Participants include process owners, Hiring leaders, HR, finance, and IT.
  • More information about the work of this team will be shared in the next few months.

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