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KUDOS to Dr. Peikin and Dr. Chaaya

I wanted to write and tell you about two very special Doctors working for your health system.
Dr. Steven Peikin and Dr. Adib Chaaya are both amazing men and they will always have a special spot in my heart and mind for how they both treated my mother( Lorraine XXXXX), I honestly mean that.
Long story short my mother (Lorraine XXXXX) that lives in NJ was visiting me here in Pennsylvania. My mother was having stomach pain so I took her to my local hospital (Main Line Health ) to be looked at. After being looked at here in Pennsylvania the gastro doctor at my local hospital basically told my mother she had cancer of her pancreas. We were heartbroken as would anyone and family.
Since my mother has Medicaid we had to see a doctor in New Jersey. I am so happy and lucky we found Peikin and Chaaya!!!
I was able to schedule my mother the day after she was released from my local hospital with Dr. Peikin. They staff at your Mt. Laurel office were awesome!! I told them what was possibly wrong with my mother and they got me in the next day. We met with Dr. Peikin and he schedule my mother to have a procedure within 48hrs. Ironically Dr. Chaaya was in the office doing paper work the day we met with Peikin and he took time out of his day to come and talk to my mother and I. He did this out of the kindness of his heart.
The day my mother was scheduled to have her procedure with Chaaya we were in the elevator and there was Peikin on his way to a meeting at the hospital. He looked at my mother and I and said we were in good hands with Chaaya and wished us the best. I believe it was a sign that everything was going to be ok with my mother.
Long story short Chaaya did my mothers procedure and everything came back negative for cancer. He will continue to monitor my mother with follow up MRI’s to play it safe.
We were totally let down by our local hospital here in Pennsylvania and fell in love with Cooper! Peikin and Chaaya treated my mother like she was a VIP.
I really deep down in my heart mean this Peikin and Chaaya should both receive some sort of recognition for how they treat your customers.
Please let them both know I took time to reach out to you and tell my story.
** I am not the best at writing emails, I hope you clearly understand.
Thank you
Adam XXXXX & my mother Lorraine XXXXX

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