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Kudos to all providers mentioned in this Twitter message from one of our Cooper patients….Well done!!!!


I wanted to tell you how wonderful my experience has been with the Cooper/MD Anderson doctors and staff! I’ll start off with Dr Brill! Could she be anymore awesome?! Body language is everything. She came in to the room for my lumpectomy follow up today and she sat in the chair. Not usually a big deal, right? It’s how she did it. Normally, drs just want to get in and go. When she sat down, she sat back in the chair and got comfy. Showing that she was here to answer any questions and not running out right away. I tend to look for that and it was refreshing to see it. The surgery itself had minimal bruising and bearable pain. She’s kick ass with those steri strips. They didn’t want to come off by themselves! Lol. Her overall bedside manner is nothing short of pure professionalism and caring. Helen Nichter is the greatest APN ever!! She too has the best bedside manner and addresses any concerns I have. She listens. She’s total awesomeness! Dr Ahlawat was so straightforward and her confidence totally put me to ease. I will be meeting with her again this week. Dr Sudheendra is just as great. I trust her opinions and feel completely comfortable. Jennie Stone is a lil walking encyclopedia on DNA and genes! I told my husband and sister they didn’t have to come that day. I left and said to them that I wished they had. The information she shared gave me a complete understanding on how these cancer cells work. I am beyond blessed to have such an incredible team during this time. Yes, it’s only DCIS but with their screening schedules they have set up for me, it has prevented it from becoming anything else. What is a scary experience became an easy one to deal with because of the support of them. Keep up the great work!

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