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Kudos to Dr. Anna Goldenberg-Sandau, Dr Chovanes and our amazing nurses for a great testimonial

Hello Rosaria, I received your message on my post regarding my son Harry Mecouch. Thank you for reaching out. I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t thank the trauma team enough for saving my sons life. He was there from Aug 1-31 last year. When I first arrived at the trauma unit Harry had just came out of surgery and the trauma surgeons came in to give us the details. Harry was eviscerated at the scene after being ejected through the drivers window and drug on the road when his car flipped on its side. I am so grateful to Dr. Anna Goldenberg-Sandau and the rest of the trauma team for getting him into surgery so quickly. I know that they initially saved his life that night but he still required more surgeries. At 23 years old he was looking at having a colostomy bag for the rest of his life after damaging three sections of his intestines that needed to be removed.. Dr Chovanes went above & beyond treating him as if he were his own and doing a risky surgery to try and prevent a bag. Thankfully he made that call and it was a success. I could never thank him enough I know my son and he would have never mentally survived a bag. I could go on and on with thanking the Dr;s who treated all his various injuries the whole team was amazing. He spent a few weeks on the Trauma step down unit and he had a few pretty amazing nurses taking care of him. Tara, Kristine & Christine were the best and we all appreciate the care they gave. My entire family feels blessed to have had such an incredible team of Doctors and nurses taking care of Harry and we could never begin to thank everyone enough!


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