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Tough Questions

Waterfront Parking

  • Added an additional shuttle in the morning rotation from 6-7:30am effective September 2018. Providing this additional shuttle has virtually eliminated wait times in the morning. Shuttle cycle times with no delays on most days and when there are wait times they do not exceed 3-4 minutes.
  • Cooper University Health Care, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, and the Camden County Improvement Authority are actively working together on a project to provide additional and convenient staff parking for the medical school and the health system. Leadership and staff will be updated as this project evolves (Fall 2020 solution)
  • Cooper is also exploring more immediate options to add available space in the CCIA garage with the intention of moving additional staff up from the waterfront garage.

Cafeteria Prices

  • We are currently doing a market basket analysis to see how our prices compare to other health care institutions and the retail market. Early indications are that our prices are competitive within our market, with most being less expensive. However, a few items are priced higher than the market that will be analyzed further. When the analysis is complete in February, we will share the results with our cafeteria customers.
  • The cafeteria will continue to strive to be an affordable and convenient option for our employees and guests and will continue to explore ways to provide value to our customers.
  • We are also exploring new options for mobile ordering and payment to provide an enhanced level of service and convenience. Stay tuned!

EVS/Maintenance Items

  • Recent investments and improvements in EVS identified at the last LDI include 66 new- hires in the department, a new linen vendor, and leadership changes on the 2nd and 3rd shift.
  • The multi-disciplinary EVS council continues to meet monthly to address opportunities and identify things that are working well
  • Any special feedback or urgent needs can always be directed to Marc Argentieri and Kelly Brennan for immediate follow-up
  • Any repair or maintenance needs can be reported electronically through the HEMS (Hospital Equipment Management Software) link on the application resource link on the Cooper Portal (http://hems01/webrequest/ ). Phone requests are also accepted at 856-342-2916, or 100-2916.
  • Please direct any special or urgent needs to Ken Maurone, Director Plant Operation & Maintenance, or Pamela Ward, Vice President Facilities and Plant Operations.
  • Plant operations and maintenance appreciates any feedback and continues to address opportunities to improve the physical plant and support a great work environment for physicians and staff, and a great experience for patients and families. Supplies –

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