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In remembrance of MLK Day, Dr. Martin Luther King had a historic meeting at a house on Walnut St right here in Camden during which he planned one of his first acts of civil disobedience at the age of 21. He went to a bar in Maple Shade known for being segregated and was later arrested.

Time running out to save historic ‘MLK House’ in Camden

Time running out to save historic ‘MLK House’ in Camden

Many today will participate in an MLK Day of Service. While you will likely be seeing patients, you may feel that you are unable to participate in service or social action events. But framing your work as service can completely transform your mindset. We are truly here in service of our fellow man and approaching our work with humility and honesty can reinvigorate us and drive away cynicism that can infect our practice. We practice acts of service every day and should see it as such.

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