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Nominate a Provider or Resident of the Quarter

Please consider nominating a colleague or resident as this award. You all demonstrate incredible dedication in your day-to-day work and the Provider of the Quarter or Resident of the Quarter award is a wonderful means of recognition! When you consider all the people who go the extra-mile, taking a moment to recognize the contributions of just a few of them goes a long way!

You can nominate people based on any of the core Cooper values.

Ownership (Accountability – Productivity – Initiative)

Integrity (Honesty – Reliability – Humility)

Innovation (Openness – Creativity – Continuous Improvement)

Teamwork (Communication – Collaboration – Supportiveness)

Respect (Courtesy – Attentiveness – Approachability)

Excellence (Quality – Empathy – Responsiveness)

The link can be found by going to Departments, Rewards & Recognition. http://ws05/nomination-form/

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