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Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day which started in 1970! People globally have noted how the decrease in pollution from shelter in place orders is improving their environment. Suddenly blue skies and cleaner water is showing us what a healthier environment might look like. The current pandemic also highlights our fragility and interdependence as a species. Please think about the small, local things you can do to minimize you environmental footprint. Get involved in the hospital’s Green Team ( or email or with advocacy groups like Physicians for Social Responsibility or Sierra Club. Minimize your travel, recycle, purchase thoughtfully, and eat a healthy, plant-based diet.


Join the global movement by registering the actions your community takes to combat environmental degradation and climate change. There are many online and digital platforms today.

· The Great Global Cleanup: Clean up your community and implement strategies to halt future litter at the source. Find a cleanup near you!

· EARTHRISE: In 1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets to demand environmental protections. Find a demonstration near you and use your voice to demand climate action.

· Billion Acts of Green: 2020 is the year of collective global action on the environment. Register your Acts of Green and help us reach 3.5 billion acts in 2020!

·Vote Earth: The success of democratic government relies on our elected officials representing our values and interests. Take climate action to the polls and elect the best official for you!

Here is a link from NASA showing images of Earth from Earth Day 2019.

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