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Tools for cultural awareness

We wanted to share some additional resources that we hope you find meaningful as being involved, informed, and open-minded are important tools in developing cultural awareness.

There was an excellent presentation with many points of view presented from Rowan’s main campus. They have a series We Are Not OK: Injustice, Action, and Healing. The first program in the series, The Match that Lit the Flame: Unpacking Systemic Racism, Policing, and Resistance,” was held June 4 and can be viewed here.


We should also learn from the many powerful voices of the past. James Baldwin was one of the most influential African American writers to emerge during the civil rights era in the 1960s. He lived most of his life in France but came back to the US and traveled extensively in the South. A few of his insightful quotes are the following:

“I have been afflicted with so many labels that I have become invisible to myself. I had to go away someplace and get rid of all these labels to find out not what I was but who…and to have no need to defend oneself. So it was a very simple matter for me to say to myself I am going this way and only death will stop me. I want to live my life, the only life I have, in the sight of God.”

Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced. The documentary is being streamed on through June 21st on its website. It’s also available on Amazon Prime.


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