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Center for Humanism lectures

Dear colleagues,

The Center for Humanism is offering a thought-provoking series of 9 lectures by a master lecturer and very wise clinician, Dr. Salvatore Mangione. I can personally attest to his excellent talks and he has received standing ovations at national ACP meetings, among others.

The series is called Rethinking Medicine and includes the history of medicine, the humanities as applied to medicine, and the art of the bedside examination. All are aimed at helping the audience rethink the ingredients needed to create that unique entity we call a “healer”. Each session will be 90 minutes long, including the formal presentation followed by a discussion period. All sessions will be delivered by Dr. Mangione and are scheduled between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM and are online using WebEx. The link is:

Schedule for the 2020-2021 Academic Year:


Oct 12, Mon Bugs & People: How Epidemics Have Changed History

Nov 2, Mon Turning Points in History: When Disease Strikes the Leader

Dec 2, Wed Groupthink, Collective Evil, and the Holocaust

Jan 25, Mon Virchow at 200 and Lown at 100: The Physician as Activist

Feb 9, Tue The Art of Observation & the Observation of Art

Mar 22, Mon Leonardo at 500: A Lesson in Creativity

Apr 6, Tue Leonardo vs Vesalius: The Reinvention of Anatomy

May 3, Mon Harvey’s Circulation and the Importance of Charm in Medical Breakthroughs

May 24, Mon The Archetypes of Medicine

Our Speaker:

Salvatore Mangione, MD, is a clinician-educator with a long interest in physical diagnosis, medical history, community service and the role of the humanities in medicine. His innovative programs and engaging teaching style have been recognized by multiple teaching awards, and his work has been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, CNN, NPR, and Forbes. Dr. Mangione has been an invited speaker at many national and international meetings, especially in regard to using visual arts to teach bedside observation. He is the author of the book Secrets in Physical Diagnosis.

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