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New Years

As we wind down on a tiring 2020, we can still appreciate the beauty and stillness before the birth of a new year. Below is a link to the best classical tracks of modern and old classical music, including Eriks Esenvalds’ “Earth Teach Me Quiet, its text a prayer of the Ute people of the American Southwest.

The 25 Best Classical Music Tracks of 2020 – The New York Times (

Aside from the many other “best of” lists, the year also brought out the best of us in many regards. There has been a renewed recognition of the role that every individual can play in improving our society, even if it seems small: a sign, a donation, a march, a volunteer event. As we make our New Years’ resolutions, perhaps one to keep on the list is to maintain collectively our optimism that our world can be made better by our presence and our concerted efforts.

Happy New Years!

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