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Thank a Resident Day

Friday, February 26th is “Thank a Resident Day.”  Our residents are an integral part of the healthcare team at Cooper. The ACGME has said that, during their focus groups, the thing residents wanted most is to be appreciated. We are looking at ways to spread the word to recognize and simply say thank you for being on our team and providing care to our patients.

As you aware, their education has been altered due to the pandemic forcing virtual didactic sessions and they have adjusted their rotations to meet the needs of the physician surge staffing plans.  Through it all they remain engaged in their learning and in serving our patients.    Thank a Resident Day sets aside time to show our gratitude and appreciation for their compassionate care and special role in the healthcare team.  Please take a moment on February 26th to acknowledge the residents you work with or even pass in the hall with a simple thank you.

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