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Coach and Cross-Check our new residents and fellows.

With new residents and fellows starting in July, it is important for us to use our HRO principles to help them be successful…especially with hand hygiene.

And that is why July is Hand Hygiene Education Month at Cooper.

The number one behavior we can encourage for the safekeeping of our patients, families, and staff, is to Coach and Cross-Check proper hand hygiene.

Remember to publicly call-out good behaviors. Providing 5:1 Feedback when you witness staff and learners exhibiting good hand hygiene practices…

  • Gelling in and out of rooms.
  • Using hand gel for 15 seconds, rubbing all surfaces of the hands (WHO sequence)
  • Respecting the 5 moments of hand hygiene.

Also remember…”What we permit, we promote.” Missing a hand hygiene opportunity is a lapse. Staff and learners don’t come to work intending to harm patients. They often miss hand hygiene opportunities because they are rushed, distracted, or stressed. Please remember that when coaching proper behavior.

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