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Drawing session at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

The Pennsylvania Academy for the Fine Arts is hosting an event series this fall. Residents and students can join for free; it is $15 for non-members. The next session is Wednesday night 11/17/21. More Than Life Drawing is a virtual workshop where participants can draw from live (online) models along with interview-style conversations on the importance of diversity and representation in arts education.

They are specifically focusing on celebrating marginalized identities, including People of Color, and individuals who are Fat, Gender-Expansive, and/or Disabled, and using art-making as a safe way to discuss access and the importance of community and allyship.

Free link;

More information on the program:

More Than Life Drawing | October 21, 2021 – December 16, 2021

Objectification is defined as “the action of degrading someone to the status of a mere object.” In another sense, however, objectification happens every time an artist turns their attention toward a life model — in that moment, the artist may or may not be seeing the model as a whole person so much as a collection of colors, shapes, and contours; a culmination of light hitting form.


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