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Mentors and peer support

In a recent StoryCorps episode, two men talked about their mentor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In the lead up to the story about Vivien Thomas, it was said: During his over four-decade career at Hopkins, Dr. Thomas passed down the knowledge by training dozens of other aspiring surgeons, particularly Black men, like Fred Gilliam and Jerry Harris. 

One of them said that Dr. Thomas took him under his wing. It is a beautiful metaphor for those mentors and colleagues who have helped us along the way. We also have wonderful mentors at Cooper as well as a Peer Support system available through Dr. Emily Scattergood (

We encourage you to today to give thanks for those mentors who have taken you under their wing. It may or may not be possible to literally thank them, but either way you can be grateful for their support. Perhaps you can ask yourself the question, who might you take under your wing?


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