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DEI and art conversation

If you were interested in the last Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art’s conversation between medical illustrator Chidiebere Ibe and Dr. Horace DeLisser as they spoke about their work challenging healthcare systems to move beyond talking about inclusion and act to address racial inequities, you can view it on PAFA’s YouTube channel with this link:


The next Art At Noon is Wednesday, December 14, when Janine Yamamoto Boldt will present “The Portrait of Hanadagá•yas; or, George Washington Reconsidered”. The talk considers the first known portrait of George Washington, painted by Charles Willson Peale in 1772, as a portrait of “Hanadagá•yas,” the Haudenosaunee name for Washington meaning “Town Destroyer.” This talk foregrounds the acts of dispossession perpetrated by Washington and central to the history of his first portrait to reveal how art can preserve and inspire violent myths of empire. You can learn more and register here. You can see this portrait and many other historical and contemporary work in their exhibition Making American Artists: Stories from PAFA, 1776 – 1976.

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