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Maui Relief Resources

We have been faced with one after another climate disaster. Several physicians have reached out about any ways that we can help support those in Maui. We are still exploring ways to support those there but here are a few things for the short-term:

  • An official at the Hawaii Department of Health directed us to this page: Maui Wildfires | DOH Response ( Scroll down to the bottom to “Volunteer Medical Services”, and there’s a form that any interested medical professional can fill out to begin the vetting process. One thing to note is that housing is a serious problem right now for out-of-state volunteers.
  • We have contacted some Hawaii leaders on community-building activities, and we have reached out to see if there are specific needs they need help with.
  • In the meantime, the link below has a good list of possible ways to help. For example, there is the Hawaii Community Foundation – Maui Strong Fund, which is on the list.  Here’s the link: LIST: Help Maui Fire Victims: Here’s Where You Can Donate (


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