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Doctor’s Day

We want to offer a heartfelt Happy Doctors’ Day. This year’s recognition is especially meaningful considering the experience of the last few years and the extraordinary demands and accomplishments of our entire physician body. We celebrate our colleagues who have given their expertise, their compassion, and their camaraderie.

Doctors’ Day is an annual observance aimed at appreciating physicians who help save our lives everywhere. The holiday first started in 1933 in Winder, Georgia on March 30 which was the 91st anniversary of a Dr. Crawford W. Long using ether anesthesia. Today we continue to celebrate medical advances like these and thank all doctors everywhere who’ve spent so much time and energy mastering their field of expertise and caring for others.

A gift in recognition of Cooper’s appreciation for all your hard work will be distributed to all sites. We look forward to another year working together with you and thank you for your hard work.

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