Vestibular Rehabilitation for Concussion

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a specialized physical therapy treatment typically used to treat vertigo, dizziness, motion sensitivity, imbalance, and neurological injuries. At the Cooper Bone and Joint Institute, our therapists implement vestibular therapy treatment for individuals suffering from post concussion syndrome. It is known now that vestibular injury can be caused by concussive blows to the head and leads to impairments in ocularmotor control (eye movements), needed for reading and sports, as well as, imbalance and motion sensitivity.

After a personalized evaluation testing visual motor skills, balance, gait, overall range of motion, strength and coordination, our specially trained therapist will create an individualized program developed to meet each patient’s needs.

One goal of vestibular therapy is for patients to learn how to manage and reduce the physical side effects of concussion. Our therapists work with each patient’s doctors, coaches and family members to help them restore normal function and evaluate when they can return to play.

Vestibular rehabilitation treatments may include:

• Balance Retraining
• Oculomotor exercises
• Home exercises
• Patient and family education

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