Cooper First in Region to Offer New Imaging Technology to Detect Breast Cancer

The Cooper Cancer Institute (CCI) is the only center in the tri-state region and among the first ten sites in the U.S. to offer GE Healthcare’s new SenoBright Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) technology. Performed as an adjunct to an inconclusive or ambiguous screening mammogram or ultrasound, SenoBright highlights angiogenesis to help identify the presence of cancer.

“With its increased sensitivity and specificity, SenoBright can pick up very early cancers we might not see with other modalities, particularly in high-risk women with dense breasts,” says Lydia Liao, MD, PhD, MPH, and the Director of Cooper’s Breast Imaging Centers.

“This technology may have a significant impact on identification of breast cancers, especially in women with dense tissue and those at higher risk for breast cancer,” adds Kristin L. Brill, MD, Program Director of The Janet Knowles Breast Cancer Center at CCI and Director of the Section of Breast Surgery. “SenoBright may add to our ability to detect breast cancers at an earlier stage and therefore impact quality of care and treatment.”

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