Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Cooper: Exceptional Resources, Unrivaled Experience

Each year, thousands of South Jersey women are referred to Cooper’s maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists for their expertise in high-risk pregnancies. With seven fellowship-trained, board-certified perinatologists, Cooper’s MFM team offers a level of experience and accessibility that is unrivalled in this region.

Richard L Fischer, MD, FACOG

Richard L Fischer, MD, FACOG

“The average tenure of our MFM specialists is 18 years,” says Richard Fischer, MD, Head, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. “We also have superb sonographers who are required to have at least five years’ experience in obstetrics before working for us. Some of us have been doing ultrasonography for as many as 29 years.”

“As MFM specialists, the only ultrasounds we do are fetal ultrasounds,” he continues. “As a result, our detection rate of birth defects is shown to be higher.”

Robin L Perry, MD, MSEd, FACOG

Robin L Perry, MD, MSEd, FACOG

“What’s more, in most other radiology suites, patients aren’t given the results of their ultrasound while they’re there,” Dr. Fischer notes. “That’s not how we do it—if we detect any issue, the doctor will come in and talk to the patient directly, interpreting the findings for the patient while she’s here.”

Another important feature of the MFM service is its flexibility in working with referring physicians.

“They don’t have to send a patient to us to turn to us for help,” says MFM specialist Robin Perry, MD, Chairman and Chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. “If a community obstetrician feels they’re facing an issue that’s out of their scope of practice, needs a little guidance about what to ask a patient or which tests to run, or wonders whether a patient needs tertiary care or can stay closer to home—give us a call.”

“It’s more than being collaborative—it’s a patient safety issue, and we’re here to help,” she adds.

The range of services Cooper’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division offers is extensive, from prenatal to postpartum.

“Our physicians perform all types of obstetrical ultrasound, including anatomy scans and fetal echocardiography, sequential screening, and procedures such as chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, umbilical blood sampling, fetal transfusions, and correction of fetal arrhythmias,” Dr. Fischer says.

“We also do wellbeing testing of the fetus, including non-stress testing, biophysical profiles, and Doppler velocimetry.”

The MFM team also has a board-certified genetic counselor who talks to patients about drug exposures and genetic issues, including those related to advanced maternal age.

These services are easily accessible: Cooper’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists see patients on an outpatient basis at seven offices throughout South and Central New Jersey (Camden, Voorhees, Washington Township, Willingboro, Princeton, and Cape May).

“Patients generally can be seen within a week, but we’ll also add on patients the same day if it’s a complex case,” Dr. Perry says. “One of our rules is if a patient is tearful—perhaps she received a worrisome test result—we’ll add her on so she doesn’t have to go to sleep feeling stressed.”

“Because we also provide inpatient obstetrical services, one of our specialists is always available for any emergency that could arise, including deliveries— something you won’t get with any other MFM practice in South Jersey,” Dr. Fischer says.

Importantly, in case of emergency, Cooper’s Transfer Center is staffed 24/7 and provides a streamlined “hello-and-go” service, accepting all patients.

“We’ll take care of lining up whatever other specialists need to be involved,” Dr. Perry says. “And we keep the referring physician informed throughout.”

For a physician-to-physician referral to Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Cooper, please contact our office at 856.342.2265.

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