Are You Willing to Help Blaze a Trail?

Cooper University Health Care’s Pregnancy and Cancer Registry is seeking participants for a new research study. If you are a parent of a child age 9 or older, you and your child may be eligible to participate. Please see below for details regarding the study. 

If you have had an uncomplicated pregnancy, and would be willing to participate in a study to help better understand the health of children born to women with cancer, please consider participating.

Your child will undergo developmental testing to assess their math, reading, and cognitive skills. The tests are called the WIAT II and WISC III.

You will be asked to complete three questionnaires: One about your pregnancy, one about your child’s general health, and one about their behavior (Child Behavior Checklist).

Testing would be conducted here at Cooper. If you are willing to learn more about the study and consider participation, please call 856.757.7876.