Let’s Celebrate Your National Recognition Days!

Are you part of a group that has a recognition day, week, or month coming up? We would love to post your article in Weekly Rounds!

Article Suggestions:

  • Interview your fellow employees.
  • Let us know what you do, what your team does, and how it impacts patients and those in other departments or units at Cooper.
  • What led you to this career path?
  • What does your typical day entail – or, how did you handle a non-typical day?

Many of us at Cooper don’t realize the depth of responsibilities that other departments or units are accountable for. We’re not aware of all the certifications or licensing needed; how many patients you may see in a day, or how many departments you support who have direct patient care. We’re here not to just say “Happy National Recognition Day,” but to help you relay your story via Weekly Rounds and/or social media for a better understanding of all you do for Cooper!

JPEG Photos Are Always Welcome:

  • If patients or non-Cooper people are photographed a photo consent form must be completed by each person photographed. A copy of the photo consent form must accompany the photo (otherwise, we will not be able to use the photo).
  • For Cooper employees and staff, please identify the people in the photo, or state their affiliation.
  • If you have the names of the entire team, but they aren’t all in the photo, state the names of those in the photo, then state “Not shown: …” and name those absent from the photo.

Naming Those to Be Recognized:

  • If you provide a list of names, make sure that it’s a complete list and that no one is left out. If you’re not positive that you have included everyone’s name, it’s better to not post the names.
  • Verify the spelling of names.
  • Verify that the titles/credentials are correct and up-to-date.

Click here for the Photo Consent Form.