Cooper Specialty Care at Cherry Hill Receives New Inventory Management System

Cooper Specialty Care at Cherry Hill is now using the new Helios Inventory Management System. The new system uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to provide Cooper with real-time, automated inventory management support that will help reduce costs and maximize revenue, while ensuring the supplies we need arrive in a timely manner.

Providers at Cooper Specialty Care at Cherry Hill can request inventory replenishment through the Helios system by removing the RFID card from the empty inventory bin and dropping it into the “Kanban Mailbox” mounted inside the supply room. An RFID reader inside the mailbox reads the card and reports the low stock directly to Lawson, and a request to replenish the stock is automatically issued to the Supply Chain team.

Cooper will continue to roll out the Helios Inventory Management System across the entire health system. The Supply Chain team will contact each department’s management team to set up the customized design and provide staff training for each area.